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24 Hours in Singapore

Okay, maybe a little bit more than 24 hours.

Could’ve been a How To: Singapore post but, I’ve never been before, and a how to didn’t seem to cut it. Especially considering how I got lost on Orchard Road, but I think that getting lost is part of the experience (and I’m totally not saying that to not seem like an idiot right now).

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The Scenic View


‘Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak’ – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Sometimes life gets really busy, not just for adults but for everyone, and sometimes it just feels like you can’t catch your breath, which can become incredibly overwhelming. I was a child that was very confident with herself and didn’t really notice the other things she had to do, such as responsibilities, but when this naive child started to grow up, all of these things she didn’t want to notice before, started to overwhelm her. Being overwhelmed by things can cause anxiety and even panic attacks because you’re swarmed by all of these different things form different directions and it feels like you’re stuck in the middle with nothing you can do. I often get overwhelmed and I don’t think the people around me understand what it’s like to feel an intense amount of anxiety, and of course, this is only one aspect of it. Everyday I try to make sure that I’m not feeling so overwhelmed so that I can try to keep calm through out the day and have far better progress with what I want to do. Juggling school with every other thing that I do, including blogging can be very overwhelming and sometimes you just want to fall apart. I know a lot of people who have break downs because of school alone and it’s just a bad mentality. With such a busy lifestyle and work ethic, we need to learn to take a moment to ourselves because we often forget about ourselves and our health when we are swarmed by everything around us.

I’ve recently just arrived home from Melbourne, and I was there for a variety of reasons. Everyday was busy as everything had to be crammed in together. It was hard to find a moment where I could just walk around the city aimlessly and just have a break, and due to the fact that I couldn’t do that, I had to figure out other ways to just relax and breath. In the midst of travelling from one place to another, from the city, to an arena, it all became a lot and I just wanted to lie down for a second. As I usually go on trips with family, this time was no accept ion as we were headed to another arena for another event. In the middle of all of that screaming, yelling and frustration I found that it was a little too much. Sometimes you can just feel the negativity and the hostility in the air. Luckily for me there was a little park out the front, so I walked outside with my camera and head phones, listened to Vance Joy’s ‘ Dream Your Life Away’, and took a few pictures as I took a moment to myself. There is always so much talking, so much discussion, so much to plan and work on, from emails to phone calls, sometimes it just makes you want to have some quiet. I’ve changed so much from a naive loud little child who would stay up all night, to a person who likes early nights, plans everything out and is way too aware of all of her responsibilities.

Even when you go on a trip somewhere, you sometimes need a moment to yourself and that’s okay. You might be hanging out with some friends and maybe you feel light headed or you just don’t feel right being there, that’s okay, just do you, do what makes you feel better, do what’ll help your mind. It’s okay not to go to every event and it’s okay to take a moment to yourself. Sometimes it’s what you need, sometimes you just need to listen to a little music. Close your eyes and open your mind, meditate, relax, quiet the noise and quiet the mind. I know it’s hard to get rid of all the noise in your head of every responsibility you have, and the overthinking that may come with it, but we should all learn to clear our minds every now and again, it’s just something that’s needed. Walk near water, smell the flowers, sit in the grass, take in the things that would be otherwise forgotten.





all images taken by me in Melbourne

10 Items In My Beauty Travel Bag

So! I’m heading to Melbourne this week so go explore, and shop, lots. I seriously can’t wait as its one of my favourite places in Australia and it’ll be so different to Perth, also a lot colder so I’m preparing myself for that. Anyway, I don’t know if any of you guys will be heading off on a trip soon but just in case you are, I’ve created this blog post in order to allow you guys to maybe get an idea of a few makeup items you could possibly take on your trip, along with w good magazine and some music, of your choice of course.


1. Urban Decay, Naked 2 palette: I obviously had to bring this palette with me. As urban decay came out in Australia not too long ago, this has been my favourite thing in the world and so I’m taking it with me. It was those natural brown colours but also the more edgy metallic colours, and it’s just perfect for winter so I’m obviously going to be taking that with me.

2. Natio, eyebrow kit: Now, I don’t know the official name for this ‘eyebrow kit’ but I’ve had it forever and I’m not ditching it now. It has a wax, dark brown and light brown colour in it, so it’s just perfect for me because it has my colours in it. I find that these are better than most pencils I’ve used, but it just depends what look you’re going for, so I’m bringing this one along because it’s just easy to us and won’t require the effort of drawing in all the little lines.

3. Shisedo, Silky Eyeshadow duo, S3: Okay, yes I know that this particular duo is supposed to be for your eyes (and they do create a nice summer/spring look) but that’s not what I usually use it for. You see this product has the most beautiful highlight colour, so that’s kind of what I use it for, to highlight my cheek bones, and my, it’s amazing. So that’s going straight into my makeup bag.

4. Yves Saint Laurent, Volupte Sheer Candy: This particular lipstick is my absolute go to! I bring it with me every where. During winter I usually go for the darker sort of colours, and deeper reds but I always have this lipstick just in case. It’s a lovely light pink colour and it lasts a long time, also, it has a pretty great taste. That must sound a little odd but it’s better than tasting a horrible lipstick in your mouth all day.

5.Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Éclat: It took a long time for me to buy this product but I’m so glad I did. It takes up little space in my bag and is just perfect. Usually I only wear concealer so this is perfect as it does that but also highlights. I thought about just bringing this along without any foundation because it’s just great but I thought I’d stay on t he safe side.

6. Revlon ColorStay Lipliner in Soft Pink: I only use two lip liners, a deep red and this lighter one. I felt the lighter one would be of better use, because I have no idea what look I want to be going for while in Melbourne, maybe I’ll go for the lighter coloured lip so I’ve brought along this lip liner just in case.

7. Diorshow, Iconic Extreme Mascara: I always use this particular mascara. I just feel like it works every angle as much as I would like and it doesn’t look over done. It’s also a tiny little thing that lasts a long time and it’s great when going on trips or going out because it fits in basically any pocket.

8. L’oreal Glam Bronze, Blonde Harmony: I had to take a bronzer with me, contouring is so important, at least it is for me. I know it isn’t summer so all round bronzing won’t be happening but this particular bronzer is lighter than my usual bronzers so it’ll work so well with my slightly paler skin due to it being winter.

9. Rimmel London, Match Perfection 100 Ivory: So I’ve decided to bring this foundation just in case I feel like I need it (you never know when you’ll have a bad skin day). This foundation is light, smells lovely and applies really well, so it was obviously my first choice of foundation to take with me.

10. Chi Chi, Viva La Diva: Okay, this is one of my favourite red lipsticks. It’s such a deep red and lasts forever, I swear it just stays put. Which is what I love and is perfect for winter weather where anything can happen. So this was my first choice of lipstick to out in my bag.
So those are a few items I’m taking with me on my trip, along with my obvious make up brushes (real techniques) and other body products such I didn’t feel like I had to engulfed you guys in. So, I’ll keep you updated on everything in Melbourne, and I’ll have some more posts coming soon.


The Chocolate of Koko Black

The cafe was beautifully designed. Small images on the walls of bunnies and flowers, these dangling lights that created a lovely luminesce feel over everything in the cafe and counters that held all kinds of chocolate with chefs working behind it creating delicious delicacies. Koko black was a place that was elegantly styled, a lot like the chocolate items that were displayed there. I remember the first time I found this place, it was a salon that I wasn’t too familiar with, but I took a liking to the place and walked straight in. I looked around at the chocolates that were ready to sell and ordered a take away Belgian hot chocolate while I was there, and that hot chocolate changed my perspective. I know it sounds silly but considering that the majority of hot chocolates I order from a variety of places are rather average, this was something else. This one hot drink sparked an interest in this store so I came back to this lovely salon created by fourth two hear old Shane Hills.

I had come back today with my mother and brother, we were all prepared to have another taste, as Koko Black had created a monthly craving within us. Picking the only booth left on this popular afternoon, we sat at the back of the salon and looked at the menus. As quickly as we had picked it up a waiter had come passed to deliver three glasses of water. This is something that I’m honestly very pleased with, if you are a cafe of sorts that specialises in chocolate then water becomes something that may be needed due to the sweetness of various foods. We all decided on our orders, the Dessert Degustation to share between us, a Belgian Chocolate Mousse, two Baby Iced Chocolates and one Belgian Hot Chocolate. As you can tell, that hot chocolate still hasn’t left my mind. They were quickly able to serve us, bringing us our meals first. Even with the amount of people within the cafe it wasn’t long until we had everything at our table, though I did devour half of the chocolate mousse before the drinks arrived.

The Belgian Chocolate Mousse, consists of well, just that, along with chocolate soil as its called. The chocolate soil was mixed with elements of the mousse with an extra semi-circle piece of chocolate mousse placed on top with a wafer of chocolate. As a lover of chocolate mousse, I’m very happy with how it is displayed and the taste of it. Sure chocolate mousse is easy to create butt the amount of times some cafes here in Perth have gotten it all wrong makes this one a real treat.

The Dessert Degustation is one of our favourites over at Koko Black. It includes Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster, Belgian Mousse and chocolate ice cream. This platter of delicious cakes is great for sharing between two as it is actually quite a large meal, not fit for just one. It basically gives you the opportunity to try a variety of cakes that are sold at Koko Black. So if you are going there for the first time, I recommend the Desert Degustation, as it’ll give you a little taste of everything.

The Baby Iced Chocolates, ordered for my mother and brother are little feasts in themselves. A large one would fill you up on your own (which we learnt the hard way), but they are very enjoyable, with a mixture of ice creams and chocolate flakes within the iced chocolate, it makes a perfect. Mops ion with the Dessert Degustation. As for me, I had that Belgian Hot Chocolate, which I’m still quite fond of. Though I wasn’t able to finish it, they did allow for a take away cup and if only it was a little less chocolate-y when made to dine-in it would be a perfect companion.

Overall I just felt the need to share our experience at Koko Black as I don’t think Hill’s gets enough credit for his work in creating this wonderful place. It is one of my favourite places to eat chocolate, and I’m not just trying to over-sell or over-praise this place, I genuinely feel this way about this salon. Out of everyone where I have eaten chocolate (there’s a lot of places), this is most certainly the one place I keep being drawn back to. It isn’t filled with bland cheese cakes or the usually chocolate cakes, this place is a beautiful change in Perth’s cafe/salon foods and I can only ask that you try it to.