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Velvety Vastness


V is for, ah, Very darn cool?

(Add a diddly and I’ll sound like Ned Flanders)

A while back I got an opportunity to do a bit of a shoot using sustainable products. Sadly things happen, problems occur and then photos seem to become unusable when a collection has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take on an opportunity to talk about something that’s important. Velvety is a brand that sells sustainable accessories, shirts, toothbrushes, makeup and more.

And I’m completely obsessed.

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Oz Comic-Con | 2017

ozccDSC_0093With Oz Comic-Con almost directly after Madfest, it looks like Perth is spoiling us with conventions, which has been a great start to the year. So, I dressed in my cosplay for the event – I decided on Mavis Vermilion for yet another convention – and headed towards the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Read the rest of this entry »

Dion Lee


Seeing the Australian born designer’s work right in front of my own eyes, is a strange right of passage when it comes to online bloggers/curators. So it’s kind of insane that I could to photograph these classic pieces that I was able to see right in front of my very eyes.

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Dark Wonderland

Let’s talk Maticevski.

“Renowned Australian fashion designer Toni Maticveski has achieved international acclaim for his dexterous ability to morph, adapt and defy the boundaries of fashion.”

– Bendigo Art Gallery

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When you’re actually a lying boyfriend because you keep cheating on your blog and disappearing. Either way there’s some new work as I try to figure out where I am in my life and what ‘home’ even means at this point.

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Punch it Out

Cheek bones, angles, purple gloves, and a whole lot of movement. When your photo shoot becomes a workout in itself on a daring hot day, all you can do is punch it out and hope for the best.

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What A Ball

We have (finally) landed at the Colosoul Charity Ball of 2016. An event filled with basically everything you’d ever need in an event like this. Now I’ll eat some chocolate while going through the pictures I took of the beautiful models at this event. And those clothes just proves what Perth is really made of.

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Peace and Love

DSC_0051 copy1

I think that at this point we’ve established that my discussions become rambles, I believe in an organised mess, and that the photography that appears on this blog, has to be top notch (and / or forever improving).

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Urban Couture

Bring out the avant-garde.


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DSC_0301 copy1

Within the anonymity of the internet which causes issues, entanglements and frustration, come a small shine of light which is a presentation of the beauty that can still be shared with others. This photo shoot; Lumiere.

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