Cool in the Summer

by Tiffany


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I can feel the heat coming in already, I wish that there was a cool breeze some where. I know that if I go to the beach it would be so nice and cool, but that stereotype of us Australians, isn’t exactly true. Sure we love our beaches because it’s so hot sometimes but hey, we can’t always be at the beach. We always try different methods of staying cool in the summer, but in the end you just have to sweat it out sometimes. This heat makes it difficult to remain stylish at times, and being a girl that likes her black clothing, it’s a little bit hard to make that transition.

Sure, I like whites, and dark purples, navy, those sorts of colours, and sometimes I’ll have a pop of colour, but I just don’t want to let go of my city black shorts. I’ve been able to adapt to the weather while wearing the darker colours, which I’m thankful for. I try to play it smart, depending on the weather, so when it does get warmer, I do have to cut down on the layers.

In between the hot mess that is summer and spring, I’ve been able to complete my exams, closing one chapter of my life. I now have enough time to relaxing and keep up to date with all my posts (and youtube videos), which also means that I’ll be working on better content to continue to improve this blog. Exams are crazy, and I’m glad I got through it, whether or not I did as well as I would hope, is yet to be known, but that’s okay, I did what I could. Sometimes you just don’t know, and sometimes exams can be different from what you expect. Some of my exams were too easy, and some were rather hard, so I guess we’ll just wait and see. For now, I’m going to kick back, relaxing, and maybe do some exploring in my little black outfits.

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Leather Jacket: Zara

Top: Saba

Shorts: Cue