4 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

by Tiffany

Okay, so I’m sure you must have a band tee or a graphic shirt around somewhere. I’ve been to a fair few concerts and I like the look of graphic tees, so I have heaps of the hanging in my closet, but sometimes it’s hard to style them. I have so many of these shirts that I needed to work out a way to incorporate them seamlessly into my outfits, so I found four ways to do that. This way I can dress up my graphic shirt a little bit more, and give it some style, otherwise I’ll just lounge around at home in them (not that, that isn’t okay too!).

1. Classic
I love this look because it’s simple, easy and gives you that effortless cool that everyone is after. Keeping to a monochromatic colour scheme, black jeans or trousers that cut off above your ankles works perfectly for this kind of look. Tuck in your graphic top or if it’s a longer top, let it hang loose and put a shirt underneath it to elongate your look. When making your graphic top appear longer, pair them with heels, or boots, to elongate your leg as well. These tops don’t have to be monochromatic, but the grey/black/white look goes so well together and there are no unwanted clashes. Even if you go for an all pink, or blue look, keep them within similar shades, apart from pairing them with black pants, if you so choose. This ensures that the graphic top gets attention, but is still deemed cool, and chic. This is the look that every model has up their sleeve.


2. Layers
Layering always works for, basically everything, but you’ve got to know how your layering and what works with what. A graphic top will always go with a coat or jacket, it allows the top to shine, but it won’t be taking over the show, making it a team player in your whole outfit. A simple yet amazing combination is a graphic top, pants that are cut off above the ankle, and a nice leather jacket. This is everyone’s go to, and embodies the classic. It also means you can add a scarf that’s in the same colour scheme. If you want to go a little brighter with your coat or graphic top, then the other colours need to be similar. For example, a bright coat, needs a paler graphic top, but both need to be similar colours just different tones, like a bright blue and then a pastel turquoise graphic top, paired with maybe some black pants. This look always brings some sophistication to a graphic top.


3. Skirts
I never even considered pairing my graphic tops with a skirt! I mean, I had thought about it once or twice but I could never really get the combination I wanted, but after a while of thinking and looking at images on Pinterest, I found a way of working the outfit. Some people go rather out there sometimes, and it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. A way for this to work all the time, is using the same colour scheme. If your graphic top is black, then a black skirt, neutral colours usually pair with neutral colours (black, white, nude, grey), while bright colours usually pair with other similar colours, or tones. You can always change this up with different patterns, or coloured shoes. If you’re going for a longer skirt, tuck your shirt in, it’ll make your waist look smaller and give you a better silhouette, with a shorter skirt you can do the same or not tuck it in at all, either way it works.

the colour

4. Colour
So you’ve already added a graphic tee into the mix, why not some colour too, it makes your outfit a bit more of a statement! Added coloured pieces makes you appear more fun and adventurous, which it is. This short of look draws attention to the whole outfit, which makes the graphic top a cohesive fit with the outfit. I bright graphic top, and a neon skirt, or a chill graphic top with brightly patterned pants, these outfits usually work really well. If you use neutral colours for your handbag, shoes, and/or jacket then it makes these pieces pop anymore which works to your advantage. Want to wear a cohesive outfit with a graphic top that’ll make you the centre of attention, this is what you want to go for. This always makes a good look for parties and events, especially since it makes it look like you put a bit more effort into your outfit.

So there you go! There’s four different ways to change up at style those graphic tees. All of these choices have worked for me and they’re suitable from day to night, casual to formal. If I want to wear a graphic top to an event that’s a little bit more formal (but not too formal), these things work for me.

Disclaimer: Images were taken from Vogue Australia and Elle Australia’s websites. These images do not belong to me (I’ve just edited them).