Chanel: The Foundation Search

by Tiffany

I have looked at so many foundations recently. My skin has been at its worst (it’s getting better now) and I have pigmented areas that I would prefer to cover, as well as some red areas. This usually happens in summer here in Australia, and as it is spring now, I can already see that my skin is starting to become redder as the heat sets in. During summer, I usually prefer a light weight foundation, similar to a BB creme but they usually make my skin look oily, and doesn’t have much coverage.

So recently, I’ve been looking at various foundations, as the ones I currently have aren’t doing the trick and the colour match isn’t the best for me. When I went into David Jones they offered me some foundation testers from Chanel; Les Beiges, Perfection Lumiere and Perfection Lumiere Velvet.

Each of these foundations had qualities about it that I liked. Les Beiges had good coverage, and a nice finish, but for some reason the colours in this foundation were a little bit darker, which made it a tad harder for me to find a good much, and they felt a little thicker than the others. But all of the Chanel Foundations are quite light-weight, almost like a second skin, this one was just a bit heavier than the others. These particular foundation/creme only comes in three colours so that didn’t work for me.

Perfection Lumiere, was a very nice foundation in my colour. Full coverage, lovely finish, but it was rather dewy and made my skin look a little bit oiler which I wasn’t really up for. This foundation also costs a little bit more than the others. If it was winter, this is probably something that I might lean more towards because it has that full coverage, but I personally feel like that isn’t really ‘my thing’. I felt like perhaps there was too much foundation on me, and I was hoping for something a little bit more ‘matte’.


I was also given a tester for the Perfection Lumiere Velvet which I heard a lot of good things about, from other people. This foundation was very similar to the Perfection Lumiere, however, this one was a bit more sheer, and you could build the coverage up a bit more. I didn’t have to use much to get it to cover my face and it was really like a second skin. I built the foundation up around the areas I felt needed it more, and it was still very light weight. This foundation creates a matte finish, but it’s not too matte, like how some drugstore foundations can make you look ‘cakey’ because of a matte finish, this was more natural, which was a plus for me. I’ve been using this tester, along with the others for a few weeks now, and this one had a great colour match and everything I was looking for. It’s easy to blend as well, which is great. It smoothed out my complexion and evened out the parts of my face that I wasn’t too keen on. This prompted me to actually buy the foundation because it was exactly what I needed.

The Perfection Lumiere Velvet, does come in some darker colours, my colour is 40 Biege but for girls who a darker skinned it may be a lot more difficult to find a colour that matches yours, which is a little silly because cosmetic brands should cater to all people. I know I find it hard to find a good colour match for myself, and this is the closest one I can get, so it may be a little bit of a hunt. And the only real issue I see that I may have with this is the packaging of it, It’s not a foundation with a pump, and although it looks as if it may be easier to apply to a sponge or to my hand, it may get a little bit messy.

Overall the Perfection Lumiere Velvet tops the other foundations because of the qualities I was looking for, including the lightness of this foundation. Chanel foundations are really smooth, like a thing layer upon your skin that just conceals what you need it to, instead of a mask like some other foundations. For now, this foundation is my new best friend, until I can find something that tops it.