Surviving Fashion Week: What’s in my Bag?

by Tiffany

So, fashion week has just started here in Perth, and I know the New York Fashion Week has also started, so this week I’ll be posting an extra post in celebration, starting with what I’m bringing along in my bag to Perth’s opening night. There are a mix of things I always need to bring with me depending on the event, things like a water bottle and my phone are always essentials.


The beauty in the bag.

So makeup is definitely something that I bring along with me when fashion week occurs, and this week is no different. You never know if something will smudge or if something might need a touch up. Lipstick is the first thing that’ll go in my bag, whether it’s the loving red from Chanel that I’ve featured here, or the light pink, almost nude lipstick from YSL, I always bring along some topnotch lipstick. Concealer is another must. I wouldn’t go to any event without concealer in some form, because you never know when you might break out or need to cover something up. I’ve chosen the Yves Saint Laurent Eclat Touche, as it’s a pen that can easily be used and blended when I need to use it. Eyeliner and mascara are also on the menu of things in my bag for fashion week. I’ve taken the Chanel noir eyeliner pen (which I’ve also written a post about: Here) which is easy to carry with me, and the small Dior Iconic mascara is just so easy to use, as well as carry. I always take this mascara with me everywhere as it’s such an easy travel item. The last on my list is this mini ‘travel sized’ Chanel powder that I received in Melbourne. I can take this powder with me anywhere with ease as it fits in all of my clutches and bags. These are all the different makeup items that I’m carrying along with me to each even through out Fashion Week.

DSC_0514 (2)

The Practical Essentials.

Other than makeup bits and pieces, there are other things that I absolutely need during this week! My travel wallet that holds everything I need in one places, along with my phone in it’s handy little Ted Baker sleeve, there are so many thing that are absolutely essential! During the day, when the sun is shining for some shows, I’ll be bringing along my sunglasses which I don’t leave the house without. And for every event I’m bringing my small little Coach pouch which holds any business cards I’m given or may need throughout the event. The Body Shops’ tea tree oil, is something I’ll bring a long just in case. If I’m having a bit of an acne prone day, I’ll bring it along to ensure that if another spot decides to appear I can get rid of it quickly (and I’ll have some concealer on hand to hide that spot). I usually don’t bring along a ‘Vicks Inhaler’ but as I recently got a cold, I’m keeping it on hand so I can clear my stuffy nose and won’t annoy anyone during the show.

So those are the little things that I’ll be bringing along to each show this week for #PerthFashionFestival which may also remind you of what you might want to keep in your bag or might need to bring to fashion week. These all fit in my clutch that I usually bring to events and each of these items work well for me. I’m looking forward to what I see this week at the Perth Fashion events, as well as the runway shows from New York Fashion Week.