Liebster Award + Brotherhood of the World Award

by Tiffany

Hey guys, so I’ve never been ‘nominated’ for an award before, because I’m still pretty new and I haven’t really done this before but the lovely Mariah Evely, over at Curvy Blonde Bombshell, nominated me for two blogger awards! These to awards are the Liebster Award and Brotherhood of the World Award. I don’t know too much about these awards, and I’ve tried to research it but there are various different versions of it, but that’s okay because the instructions have already been provided by the previous blogger.


The Rules:

  • Thank and link the blogger(s) who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the badges on your blog.
  • Answer the questions set to you.
  • Nominate other bloggers and notify them.
  • Create questions for your nominees.

{Questions asked for both the Liebster and Brotherhood of the World Awards}

When you were little, what did you want to be?

When I was little, I wanted to basically be everything! I wanted to be a fairy or a vampire, I just wanted to be any enchanting creature that I read about in books or saw on TV. There wasn’t any that I wanted to be in particular, I know that when I was around 10, I wanted to be an actor, but I was terrified of what others might think of me, especially my parents, I thought they would absolutely hate the idea. I just wanted to be anything ‘fantastical’, anything that had something to do with art.

What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Oh my! I don’t even know, I don’t think I was quite embarrassed by anything honestly. Maybe, that time when I was first introduced to Tae Kwon Do (martial arts) and I didn’t really know much about what I was doing, but I was asked to join the ‘elite’ type of class, where they trained for competitions, so they basically just invited me along to see if I was good enough. Now I was always taught to kick with my right leg, as it’s supposed to be my strongest leg as I’m right handed, but we were told to swap over to our ‘weaker leg’ so we could improve. So I’m training, trying to kick these ‘pads’ (with my left leg) that this cute guy was holding, and I missed completely and kicked him straight in the nuts. It was actually so embarrassing now that I think about it, and I just never wanted to talk to him again after that.

Who was your first crush?

This is my favourite question as I actually remember this vividly. I was in kindergarten and there was this kid in my class. He had that sort of blonde hair that was almost white, and he was taller than me, and had blue eyes. Everyone probably had a crush on him, and I know that I did. Now my parents and everyone else thought that he had a crush on me, because we would always hold hands or play chase-y. That’s not actually the case. I was the one who used to grab his hand and want to play games, and just hang around him all the time. It’s quite funny actually, I suppose no one realised how much of a strong personality I had, and as a young child, I have no idea why I came onto him so strong! I was weird.

Who has influenced you the most?

There are so many ways I can answer this! But I think there’s one particular answer I’m going to go with over everything else, as I’m sure everyone has been influenced by more than one particular thing. When I was maybe eleven or twelve, I remembered that the TV show Skins came out, and it was a big deal. Two seasons went past and I grew up a little bit more. I started to change as a person, and the things that influenced me began to change. Now if anyone has seen Skins, they know how dark it can sometimes get, and I never realised that my life was going in that direction until we learnt more about a particular character who grew up in seasons 3 and 4. I was a little bit younger than the character ‘Effy Stonem’ played by Kaya Scodelario but I know that I liked her character and I related to her far more than any other character. Obviously she had been over dramatised in various ways but the points of her character correlated with the points I found in myself. Effy ended up in a very dark area, a dark corner in her life, and after a while, I realised that my actions were similar to hers, and that what I did was similar to what she did. It influenced me to change my life so I wouldn’t have the same ending as hers. Kaya Scodelario’s portrayal as various characters since a young age has influenced my life greatly, as I feel she understand the workings of a young teenage girl, and where things would go. She’s able to portray them in such a particular way, and the way she was as a person was completely different. I knew that if I basically wanted to ‘survive’ I would have to change a few things, and she has influenced me to become the more well rounded ‘character’ that I am today.

Favourite Fall outfit?

Jeans, and layers, always. I love the whole tan overcoat, with dark jeans and a white patterned/embellished shirt, paired with flattering black boots. That has to be one of my favourite Fall outfits or go to outfits for Fall. I usually change the coat around with other black cardigans and such, depending on the weather.

If you could live in a book, TV show or movie, what would it be?

Oh I love this! There are so many ‘worlds’ that I’d love to live in, but they’re so dangerous, living in stories from Game of Thrones would be disastrous. I think I would like to live in the Gossip Girl TV show or maybe BoJack Horseman the TV show, because both shows are a little bit more lighthearted and it’d be very interesting. In Gossip Girl, I could be having amazing meals of brunch on Sunday’s with bags from Chanel, Gucci and Prada to show off, and in BoJack Horseman, I could be a funny cartoon character who hangs out with a horse and a dog, who maintain human qualities, along with a whole heap of other characters.

If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?

I would actually had to live forever, because you’d have to watch everyone around you leave. But I think I’d spend it exploring, exploring various areas of the world, exploring new literature, and old literature. I would do as much as I can, to help science in order to create more cures for people (not that I think I’d be that much help), and I would probably try to create as many films as I could, or anything artistic in order to display various areas of the world, at different times, so that people will not be forgotten.

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Instagram: @thetkennedy

And my nominees are:

Nyx: Nyx’s Beauty Blog        Ana De Jesus: Faded Spring    Katie: Just Katiee

My Questions:

  1. What do you think of when you think about your childhood?
  2. What is your automatic go-to in Spring/Summer? (Make-up, Beauty, Fashion or otherwise)
  3. If you could give any piece of advice to yourself before you started your blog, what would it be?
  4. What makes you feel at home?
  5. If you could do anything in the world without limits, what would you do?
  6. If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?
  7. If you could go back in time, where would you go?

I want to thank Mariah again for nominating me for these awards, and I hope that those I nominated have some fun with this. Now you all know a little bit more about me. I’ll be uploading a new #makeupmonday post next Monday, and another post next Thursday/Friday. And I’m just waiting for Perth (Australia)’s fashion week, that’s when it’s going to get crazy.