Guess, It’s Love

by Tiffany

The majority of people have heard of the brand Guess, at one point or another, and I completely understand why the brand is so popular. Denim items is what the brand is most known for, and this brand has continued to expand. I remember a story from a documentary a while ago, where Anna Wintour had decided that the model for Vogue magazine should wear jeans on the cover. She wanted the model to wear a couture jacket and denim jeans (from Guess) and it was so so controversial within the industry. It was the first time someone had ever worn jeans on the cover of Vogue and it changed the industry, in a good way. It pushed forward a new fashion movement in 1988 and gave the brand Guess a big name.


I wouldn’t be talking about this brand if I didn’t honestly like the brand. This goes for any other brand, such as Topshop which I wrote a post on a while ago, on the day of their student party. Although there are things I may not like about the brand, the things that I do like outweigh that. I own various pieces from that brand and the same goes for guess. I already own four jeans, a denim jumpsuit and several tops from Guess, which I basically bought in one day when I was in Melbourne. These denim items that are available from Guess are something that lasts a long time, and I would know. I also own various wallets from Guess since they’re decent quality and won’t break the budget.


When it comes to jeans, Guess makes me fall in love, and I can’t say that about any other brand of jeans. It’s worth the price, and remember, Guess has various sales throughout the year which’ll make the cost a little easier on your wallet. And, all of those new promotional campaigns featuring Gigi Hadid sells these clothes so well, the vibe she gives off is exactly how you want to seem when you’re wearing those clothes. Guess has something for a wide variety of people, ranging from denim jeans to handbags and wallets for everyday use. All kinds of women can benefit from a little Guess in their lives, though I personally prefer the items that don’t have Guess scrolled across everything. This global brand is continuing to take over the world, and if you can’t see why I’m completely in love with their denim, then head in store and take a look (or feel) of the denim on display.



(Images taken by David Bellemere)