The Eyebrow Game

by Tiffany

Ever since Cara Delevingne’s rise to fame, we’ve experienced the new trend of thick, bushy eyebrows. Eyebrows have gone through a lot of changes throughout the makeup/fashion industry, now we’ve gone back to the more ‘natural’ eyebrow look. Although, some of us don’t have very thick eyebrows or have the stains of old trends stuck to us. As the eyebrows frame the face, when you play around with them, it can change your look completely, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. Especially since trends go by so fast. So here are some tips and tricks I’ve heard of (and done) in order to enhance my eyebrows to follow this trend, as well as grooming them the best way possible for the future. So, if you want lovely eyebrows like Emma Watson or power brows like Emilia Clarke, this is the place to be for some tips, tricks and advice, as we talk about eyebrows.


Wax or Pluck?

So, this is a debate that’ll probably go on forever, when it comes to brows. Is it better to wax or pluck? Well, this really depends on what you aim to achieve with your brows and what works best for you. I feel, that if you want to reshape your eyebrows because you’re unhappy or you want to restart your ‘eyebrow regime’ then you should go and get those eyebrows waxed. Go to the brow bar that suits you best and get a professional to wax your eyebrows, so that they get a clean crisp shape. Sometimes waxing doesn’t work as expected because it is done to your standards, but that’s okay, hair grows back. When you’ve dealt with that and you start to work on make you’re eyebrows thicker, or if you want to retain that shape, then pluck the odd hairs that stick out. Now when growing eyebrows, some of the hair’s that look odd may not need to be plucked if they’re close enough to your brows, let them grow, but if they’re in a really odd place then pluck them. This helps to create the desired look you want, and plucking these hairs, helps to stimulate growth in where your brows are. I personally feel that you need a little bit of both in your life to get what you want, but plucking occurs more than waxing.

The Mascara Trick

This is a little trick that I’ve seen so many times, and I’ve actually tried it out myself. There are two different ways to work with this trick. The first, grab an old bottle of mascara, clean the bottle and the brush, then use the brush to help brush out your eyebrows to keep them in place. The second, use a small amount of mascara, similar to your brow colour if possible, or dilute it with water, and then lightly brush your brows with it so they’ll stay in place, as well as become more lengthy. This creates a bushier effect, and though it works (well), it still feels very weird, and I wouldn’t recommend doing that all the time. But, there are now brow brushes that work the same with different brow colours in order to help keep them brows in place.

When Dealing with Powder

Powder is one of the many ways to enhance your brows, in order to get a better shape. When you’re growing out your brows or dealing with a new shape, powder can be very helpful in order to keep your desired look. When it comes to powder, you should start from the middle of your brows and go back to the ends. The ends obviously need to be a lot darker in order to create a more natural look, and the start of your brows should be lighter. Powder helps to retain this look as you can feather out the powder at the front of your brows in order to created a more natural graduate. Another neat trick is to draw your shape from the ends to 3/4 the way through your brows, in order to keep a better shape. This way you just fill it in and fade outwards, which works well with eyebrow powders.

Pencil it out

Some people prefer to use pencil on their brows, usually because pencil will give off a more natural look. Well, when it comes to pencil, it should always be sharp, and you should work through your brows slowly by drawing in little hairs. This should again be lighter towards the front and darker towards the ends. Pencil may take a while to work through your brows compared to powder but it gives a better effect. If you don’t have much time to do your brows but you prefer pencil, then outline your, brows, draw them in quickly, use a brush of some kind to feather it out, and the quickly draw in some hairs towards the back. That’ll maintain the appearance of a natural eyebrow.


Those are a few little eyebrow tips and tricks to keep in mind. When doing your brows be super careful because these are the features that frame your entire face. These little things will further enhance any brow for whatever you’re going for, and hit me up on instagram ( @ thetkennedy ) with pictures of your brows for #makeupmonday.

(Header image taken by Guy Aroch)

(First image – Joanna Halplin by unknown)

(Second image – Kassi Smith by Kenny Sweeney)