7 Apps of Now

by Tiffany

We live in a very busy, technological world where everyone relies on technology, and the vast majority of people rely on phones. I, am one of those people. Although I do carry a planner (and notebook) everywhere I go to write things down, I still have everything stored in my phone. Some days, I’ll just forget to check my planner, which can lead to mishaps during the day, but thanks to my phone, it’ll alert me with what’s coming up, which makes everything a lot easier. It’s a fast paced world. We all rely so much on these little gadgets, so I’ve compiled a list of apps that I am currently using, other than the usual Instagram or Twitter. These apps seem to make my phone a little bit more interesting (since I use it so much). Some of them are just cool, but others are rather helpful.


1. Moves: Moves, is a cute little app that’ll calculate how much you walk in a day, along with how much you run or cycle. I love this app because it’s simple, cute, and it tells you so many things. It’ll show you the distance you walk, the calories you burned, and how long you’ve walked/ran/cycled throughout the whole day. I like to think that i’m still working out while I walk around each day, so this app kind of justifies that for me as it tells me how much walking I’ve done. And if I don’t think it’s enough then of course I’ll do a work out of some kind to fix that later

2. Vent: Vent, is an app that has been going around on Tumblr for quite a while now. A lot of teenagers to people in their late 20s use this app (they seem to be the majority). Being a student myself I know that everyday can be tough, usually due to stress and this app is great because you basically get to Vent it out. Unlike Twitter or Instagram, no one is really looking for ‘followers’, if someone understands your situation or whatever you’re going through the can send you a ‘hug’ or a comment about it to try and help you out or give you a shoulder to lean on. I’ve used this app myself various times as it lets out any anger or annoyance I have throughout the day. Especially when things don’t exactly go as planned.

3. Beme: So Beme as a relatively recent app created by Casey Neistat, a YouTuber with a great eye for cinematography. The idea behind this was that you wouldn’t have to look at your phone. Strange right? Well, it’s similar to snapchat, in the way that you can post videos and then they disappear afterwards, never to be seen again, but it’s also very different. When you want to take a video, you hold the phone to your chest and it makes a sound to tell you it’s recording. It then records whatever you’re looking at without having to look at the screen. Say you’re looking at a sunset, and you think that that would be cool to film, hold it to your chest and it’ll basically be able to capture what you see. Want to film yourself? Hold it against a wall, eye-level to you, this way you’re looking through the lens at the viewer, not at the screen. This app helps us connect a little bit better with the things going around you rather than connecting with just your phone, which is a refreshing social media app compared to others that are floating about. My friends and I use this quite often because it’s actually quite a lot of fun, but since it’s quite new, it was difficult to figure out at first. I’m sure it’ll get better as time goes on.

4. Duolingo: This app is probably the best app ever if you’re looking to learn a new language. At the moment I have it to learn french, and it’s very extensive in what you’ll learn. And it’s very well designed because you will remember what it teaches you. Basically there a little sectors which you learn, such as ‘basics’. You’ll learn up to 5 different panels of things within this section, and once that’s done you can move onto the next section. But, you’ll have to keep coming back to strengthen these sections in order to make them stay ‘gold’, which helps these areas stay in your memory a lot longer. It has a lot of different languages that you can learn, so go check it out!

5. Sleepbot: This cute little app is a very interesting thing. It records your sleeping patterns and will tell you different things about how you sleep. It’ll also allow for different sounds to be played in order to help you get to sleep and it also has a smart alarm which will help you get up a little bit earlier each morning. It’s just a cute sleeping app that I like to use because I’m quite interested in my sleeping patterns and how long I sleep, in order to improve my well-being.

6. PHHHOTO: Now this app is literally the middle ground between ‘Vine’ and ‘Instagram’. This app basically allows you to create gifs that you can post (that also look cool), but it isn’t the kind of place where everyone ‘does it for the vine’ it’s a little bit more ‘artistic’. Everyone has these interesting posts, where they do really cool things with their camera and how they move, and it all comes off a phone. I think everyone should check out this app just because it has such a cool feel to it, and it’s just this different area of social media that isn’t like previous things that have come before it. This app seriously makes me want to step up my iPhone camera game.

7. Headspace: This app is basically a ten day meditation app (you can go further if you pay online), and it just takes the stress out of each day. Little videos are played throughout, showing how meditation works and what it’s supposed to do, as the voice, Andy guides you through your journey. If you’re starting to meditate or haven’t meditated in a while, download this app because it’ll get you through the week to a point where your mind can relax but is aware of what’s happening around it. It’s so helpful for busy weeks, even if you just restart the app every ten days or so and go through it again and again, it’ll at least help to relax you. I know mediation isn’t for everyone though, but this is something that helps me out.


These 7 apps, are apps I actually use daily (believe it or not). There are hundreds of more apps out there that are so interesting and useful, it’d be hard to try and figure out what’s most effective, but I do know that I use all of these apps. So tell me guys, what apps do you use and why? Is there anything that I should have a look at? Oh, and all of these apps are free!

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