Geometric Gold

by Tiffany

Another #makeupmonday has come around on Tiffany & Couture! This time featuring some nail polishes that I absolutely love, and I hope you guys do too. Use the hashtag on instagram to show your make up favourites today, and tag us (@ thetkennedy) so we can have a look at what you’re loving!


Burberry’s Gold No. 447 nail polish

Burberry’s Antique Gold no. 445 nail polish

Revlon’s Clear top coat

(You can use other colours to create this look or similar colours that you already have. I use these particular colours because I think they look the most effective and they give a beautiful finish.)

Burberry nail polish for Tiffanyand Couture

I think it’s quite clear that I love the nail polishes that Burberry creates, and every time I have a chance to buy another nail polish, I will. They just have this perfect shimmer in the sun, with brilliant colour creations, in a beautiful little bottle. So, here I’ve combined two of my favourite nail polishes in order to create a simple yet elegant manicure for any occasion. I started with the Gold nail polish (which is the more paler white gold colour) and after it was applied, I waited for it to try completely before starting the next part. Once that was all fully set I used the Antique Gold colour on my index finger. Using the brush across a larger amount of the nail, with a steady hand, it added something to the manicure. And yes, it’s perfectly fine to get a little bit on your finger, or if you put more or less than I did, you can always fix this with nail polish remover if you need to. I then do the same with my ring finger but this time I only use a small amount in the top corner of my nail on an angle, this adds to that ‘geometric’ look with angled lines. The last area I did was at the top of my thumb. This will look similar to my ring finger but a used a little bit more nail polish just to emphasise that Antique Gold colour. Once I’ve applied the nail polish on both hands and I’m happy with it, I’ll then wait for it to dry so I can apply the top coat. When everything is dry you can use nail polish remover and a q-tip to remove the nail polish that got on your skin. Now, hopefully your nails will resemble mine in these images, showing an easy chic way to add a little shimmer to your day.

Gold nail polish manicure by Tiffany and Couture