Rouge Allure

by Tiffany

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It seems as though everyone has been searching for perfection since the dawn of time. Well, when it comes to lipstick, I think that I’ve finally found the perfection that we’ve been looking for. Rouge Allure by Chanel may have been out for a while, and yes Chanel has always been a fashion favourite but sometimes when things are considered a ‘cult classic’ you don’t find as much interest in them. Maybe it’s because the majority of people dive straight into the area of classics or maybe because they aren’t on trend? There are a variety of reasons and I assume all of them affected my decision on holding out to buy this product but when I bought it in Melbourne, I had automatically wished I had bought it sooner. There are some ‘cult classics’ that I’ve bought into, and sometimes they aren’t really what I thought they’d be but this lipstick was spot on. The moment I put the colour 102 palpitante to my lips after my impulse buy, I realised how beautiful the colour and lipstick was. Not only was the colour beautiful and the application was just amazing, it lasted all day. These are three things I absolutely need in a lipstick. From the morning I out it on to the later afternoon, after several meals and drinks, the lipstick had still kept its colour and lasted for so long. I didn’t apply lip liner or do anything else to increase the amount of time it lasted for, I tried it with bare lips to see how the lipstick on its own would work, and I have to say, I’m going to have to go back and get another. This exciting colour had no faults which is almost hard to find, there’s always something that isn’t as great as you want it to be but this particular lipstick is now a go to for me.

Rouge Allure by Chanel on Tiffany And Couture