The Little Grey Box

by Tiffany

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Nude nail polish // Christian Dior Rose Pastel (108)

Grey nail polish // Burberry Steel Grey

Clear top coat // Revlon


I love the idea of nail polish with a little something extra, rather than just the plain look, so I usually add a thing or two to my basic nail polish. Here I’ve started with a basic nude nail polish by Christian Dior. This colour creates a lovely base like most Dior nail polishes. After applying this smooth colour, I wait for it to dry before painting the little grey boxes. I use a toothpick and dip it in as grey nail polish (Burberry Steel Grey). After dipping it into the nail polish, I then press the toothpick on the corner of my nail, as if I’m drawing in a box to represent a quarter of my nail. After this I use the toothpick to create another line, in the middle of my nail in order to crest w box in the corner of my nail. This should look somewhat like an analog clock when it reaches 3 o’clock. This is then repeated in different areas as shown in the pictures in this post. After you’ve placed the desired amount of boxes on your nails, wait for them to dry and then apply a top coat. I recommend only having two boxes per nail and allowing one nail to have no boxes on it at all. This will further the ‘minimalist’ effect as shown on my nails. Hopefully you’ll get the desired look that you want, it may take a little bit of practice to work the toothpicks right but it’s okay if your little grey boxes are a little rough.