by Tiffany

One times, you look at items of clothing and you sit there going ‘man, that is so me’. I feel like these items in this particular outfit kind of represent me. They are all pieces that I would choose (and have) and I would wear each piece at any time, there isn’t one of those pieces that I never wear. From the beautiful asymmetrical skirt from cue to the platform boots that I love to bits, each item seems to be a stigma from my personality.


Finding your personal style can be incredibly tricky, and I don’t even think I’ve found mine yet. All I know is that I like my layers and black. Sometimes you might never figure it out but other people will look at the clothes you wear and kind of try to tell you what your style is. Honestly I don’t think it really matters. Let’s experiment, play around with different items of clothing and how they create art that you can wear daily. Whether it’s mimicking someone’s outfit or creating on of your own, whatever it is, you should be allowed to play around. It’s about you and what you want to wear, so don’t let others dictate your style! Though for me, I honestly believe that tights are not pants, and they never we’ll be (sorry not sorry).


I usually wear a lot of monochromatic colours, especially during winter, and this is just one example of that, from my coat to my bag, it’s mainly, black and white (with a little bit of grey). So I decided to add a little bit to that. Instead of just a monochromatic colour scheme, I’ve shown a little bit of contrasting ‘geometric’ style. Using a geometric style of clothing with my skirt and coat etc, I’ve been able to pair that with a some what flowing black top, and the skirt has a part of it that is also a little bit flow-y and less ‘geometric’. Playing with different shapes has created a more interesting silhouette and design, which I love. Pairing that with some diamond shaped earrings and a silver cuff has also added to this sort of style that I’m loving right now. It’s what is usually named as ‘rock chic’ and I love playing with the different shapes here.

Some people will post just photos of their clothing or outfit that they’ve done for a little editorial or for a street style segment, but I always feel the need to write a little bit about what I’m wearing or what’s happening. I suppose this is kind of like my ‘traditional’ street style in away, with all those cut-away bits and pieces that mix up. I wonder what my ‘style’ says about me.



Top: Cue

Skirt: Cue

Coat: Veronika Maine

Bag: Oroton

Shoes: Windorsmith

Jewellery: Lovisa