Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana

by Tiffany

When it was announced that David jones and Myer had begun their mid-year sale, it was hard not to avoid it. It meant huge discounts on items that people, (myself included), had been waiting for. When wandering about the store I caught I glimpse of something, it was the organised, yet slightly messy lines of different fragrances. The Dolce fragrance was on of those that caught my eye. I personally have an obsession with perfumes that are decedent, with little flower tops. This is probably why Marc Jacobs’ perfumes always catch my eye. But this wasn’t a Marc Jacobs perfume and before now I hadn’t really paid attention to those perfumes that Dolce & Gabbana had created.


Intrigued by the box that held the Dolce perfume and the Dolce body lotion I thought that I’d inspect it and see if I could find out what it smells like. According to the packaging (and the website), the Dolce sent is ‘feminine and fresh’ and holds the ‘balance between timeless craftsmanship and innovation in the art if perfumed composition.’ It was also compared to a ‘finely-embroidered dress’. All of these elements interested me further and after running around the store like a bit of an idiot, I finally found an open perfume bottle in order to smell this scent.

Yes it was fresh and it did smell quite feminine. It smelt the way you would hope a garden of flowers would smell. As for me, I personally like soft fresh scents, I’m not one for heavy scents that are too sweet or just too much. This wasn’t too heavy and it wasn’t really sweet, it was a nice soft balance that smelt quite lovely and even my mum loved the scent too (you know when your mum has good taste and likes something, then you’ve done good). It just felt like this effortless smell of perfume, that you could probably get away with saying ‘this is my natural smell’. It didn’t quite have that hit of interest I would hope for, it just didn’t have that thing that would draw you in completely but none the less, this perfume fit my criteria of fragrances and was something I knew would just work for me.


One of the ingredients used to create this specific scent is discussed on the Dolce & Gabbana site ( and that is the white amaryllis. I don’t know that much about this particular flower but it grows in South Africa and in that area it has a particular scent which doesn’t occur in other areas that this flower is grown. According to the Internet the name originates from the Greek word ‘amarysso’ which means ‘I give light’. And that’s kind of what I think about when I think about this fragrance if I’m honest. I think about the lightness and the freshness of it which is quite interesting and lovely. The body lotion that came in the package also has the same scent which is quite lovely and I honestly do love it as a body lotion scent. If you are looking for a new fragrance to wear, maybe you could check out this light and lovely fragrance, David Jones is currently having a sale on fragrances so maybe you’ll find it in that section.