Take your Cue

by Tiffany

When I walked into the Cue store on Forrest Chase, I could already see the different colours the worked with each beautiful design, and it was obvious that this is the store to look at. Created in 1968, the first Cue store appeared in the Strand Arcade of Sydney and started a different kind of style in Australia. Since then Cue can be found in all major cities throughout Australia and New Zealand, bringing looks, similar to the London trends, over here in Australia. And the best thing about this brand, is that almost everything is made in Australia, (with the exception of shirting, knitwear, accessories and labels such as the letter Q).

We were greeted with a huge smile by the lovely Kaylee at the Forrest Chase store, and she was very polite and helpful, allowing us to take a look at all the amazing designs in the store. I personally love all the designs the appear in the Cue stores, as they are all innovative and they fit just the way you want it. Majority of my clothes actually come from cue because their designs work for anything, and that’s what we want, versatility. So we browsed through the store, picking out a few favourites that we could see, like the ‘Weekend Utility Jacket’ which everyone falls in love with the moment they see it in the store. Even their accessories, such as their belts and bags are brilliant, and match the clothing in the store as well. I have a small backpack from cue which is perfect for summer.

As the collections we got to see we’re autumn and winter, it was amazing to see the colours that they had for this particular season (though we can’t wait for the summer/spring collections). It’s surprisingly how fast some of these items also go on sale, and if you are looking for cue clothing on sale because perhaps you’re on a budget, head on down to Water Town (formerly known as Harbour Town) and you’ll found everything you need. So we took the clothes we thought would work best, or had interesting designs, and got to photograph them.

The designs from cue are very desirable and work for a variety of occasions. The designs always create a kind of centre piece with your outfit and they have designs for majority of body shapes, and this store is one of those rare stores, where everything I pick up suits me rather well, and I hope it’s the same for others. I only have a few concerns when it comes to cue, such as the fact that when you wash your items of clothing the stitching may come undone (I’ve been told that dry cleaning is better), and that can be a pain to sew up, so just be careful when washing items from here. This mainly occurs with things like skirts and shorts. The other concern is that the pants that they usually have come in the strangest sizes sometimes. They’re always fiddling with the way cue pants fit so sometimes you might be an 8 in one type of pants there but then you’ll be a 12 in another, but their tops and dresses are of consistent sizing.

Now, back to the store. We were able to photograph some of the clothing in the store (we wish that we could photograph everything but, we would be there for a while), and I’ve uploaded and image for each outfit here, just to show you what they have in store at the moment. These items are great individually, but they are also great together.

(I wish stores had better lighting)


Here I’ve styled the Doubke Weave Weekend Utility Jacket with the Metallic Floral Jacquard Dress.


Here I’ve put the Crepe Cutaway Peplum Top with the Double Weave A-Line Contrast Skirt and The Structured Tote Bag


Shown here is the Asymmetric Colour Block Dress


Shown Here is the Graphic Spliced Peplum top with the Crepe Asymmetric Layered Pant and The Structured Tote Bag.

(I personally love these Peplum top and those Asymmetric Layered Pant, I seriously need to go buy those!)


Shown here is the Layered Floral Contrast Dress, which I would personally pair with a nice chunky belt.

(Man, asymmetrical and layered elements are in)


Here I’ve paired The White Spliced Peplum Top with the Crepe Assymetrical Layered Pant.

(Maybe even a belt around the waist would work)

So those were a few of the outfits I was able to put together and take photos of. Sorry that the quality of them aren’t up to standard but that’s beside the point. The point here is to show off Cue’s intriguing designs and to talk about the elements that I like most. I’d like to thank Kaylee again for being so kind, and helpful. Be sure to drop in and take a look at everything yourself, I already know that I’m coming back.

Go go to cue.cc to check out more!