Winter Nights

by Tiffany

So, yes, winter is coming (and I don’t mean it in a game of thrones kind of way). This means that there will be more baths and hot chocolates, candles will be lit and we’ll be searching for warmth. In Australia since it’s usually pretty warm, winter can be a bit odd, since as the years go on, our winters have been getting increasingly colder. Personally, my favourite things about winter are the baths and coats associated with winter. Sadly we don’t get any snow here, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. But it is odd when you see so many blog posts of a white Christmas, when here we’re all sitting by the pool. Anyway, I’m getting side tracked. This blog post is going to tell you my 5 must haves of winter. And perhaps yours is very similar, or what you love in winter is completely different to what I love, but maybe you can take something away from this. I’ll be sure to create an updated post at some point, but for now, these are my 5 must haves for winter.

1) Nivea Intensive (advance moisture care lotion).

This particular moisturiser is such a necessity in winter. Obviously moisturisers are a must since in winter majority of people (including myself) get dry skin. Which leads into why this is one of my favourite moisturisers for winter, it’s for dry to very dry skin which means it’ll keep all hydrated, it’s long lasting which I’ve realised and it doesn’t cost that much. You could spend all you want on fancy moisturisers, which depending on your skin, may not work. I prefer to play with all different kinds of moisturisers in summer (the Diorsnow moisturisers were a particular favourite). Also, when it’s winter, you’ll probably be purchasing more and more moisturisers, so this one does all it needs to, and just makes it easier to put on everyday. You’ll notice a real difference.

2) Breath of Fresh Air (toner water) – lush

Seriously though, this stuff is just great, it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. I’ve included it though because as its winter, I really need my moisturisers to sink in, and sometimes they don’t really do that for whatever reason, so toners usually help to clear your skin and pores to allow serums and moisturisers to sink in. This is the perfect toner for that since its light but also works wonders. You don’t need too much and it lasts a long time. Another great things about it is that you can use it at any point of time. Whether you have makeup on or not, it’ll sink through because it is a spray, so it’s very handy.

3) Candles

It doesn’t matter what candles you use, I just think they’re perfect for winter. Whether you prefer a fresh nature smell or hard hitting sweet scents, candles are perfect for winter, and gives you that little cozy warm feeling. Recently my friend went to Mauritius and she brought me back the cutest candle in this turtle candle holder! I’m already starting to burn it as winter is almost upon us. As winter goes on, I’ll be sure to post recommendations on what I feel are the best candles. I’m sure that sounds weird to some but candles are amazing, especially at this time of year.

4) Winter coats.

Gosh! It’s hardly ever that us Australians really get to layer up, so I just love winter! Sure in Perth we don’t really need costs but in Melbourne or Sydney, it’s a must. But I have to admit, it’s getting colder in Perth so less people think I’m strange while walking around wearing a coat. At the moment I have this lovely coat from Veronika Maine which is black and the top quarter is white. I’m sure it’ll show up on this blog and some point but I bought it a while ago and everyone always compliments me when I wear it, so it has become a staple in my wardrobe.

5) A Good, Large Bag (for me that’s an Oroton backpack).

Okay, there’s no questioning it, I love my Oroton backpack. It’s just perfect for everything. Especially winter. Now I know backpacks seem to be more of a summer trend but get s good black leather backpack and you’re good to go for winter. It’ll hold everything you need, from raincoats to umbrellas, and those are things that are obviously carried during winter. A flimsy bag won’t do, and a small handbag won’t work either. Getting a good quality backpack is the best thing for winter. It’ll also ensure that you don’t forget anything, because who really wants to drive back home in the rain!