The Chocolate of Koko Black

by Tiffany

The cafe was beautifully designed. Small images on the walls of bunnies and flowers, these dangling lights that created a lovely luminesce feel over everything in the cafe and counters that held all kinds of chocolate with chefs working behind it creating delicious delicacies. Koko black was a place that was elegantly styled, a lot like the chocolate items that were displayed there. I remember the first time I found this place, it was a salon that I wasn’t too familiar with, but I took a liking to the place and walked straight in. I looked around at the chocolates that were ready to sell and ordered a take away Belgian hot chocolate while I was there, and that hot chocolate changed my perspective. I know it sounds silly but considering that the majority of hot chocolates I order from a variety of places are rather average, this was something else. This one hot drink sparked an interest in this store so I came back to this lovely salon created by fourth two hear old Shane Hills.

I had come back today with my mother and brother, we were all prepared to have another taste, as Koko Black had created a monthly craving within us. Picking the only booth left on this popular afternoon, we sat at the back of the salon and looked at the menus. As quickly as we had picked it up a waiter had come passed to deliver three glasses of water. This is something that I’m honestly very pleased with, if you are a cafe of sorts that specialises in chocolate then water becomes something that may be needed due to the sweetness of various foods. We all decided on our orders, the Dessert Degustation to share between us, a Belgian Chocolate Mousse, two Baby Iced Chocolates and one Belgian Hot Chocolate. As you can tell, that hot chocolate still hasn’t left my mind. They were quickly able to serve us, bringing us our meals first. Even with the amount of people within the cafe it wasn’t long until we had everything at our table, though I did devour half of the chocolate mousse before the drinks arrived.

The Belgian Chocolate Mousse, consists of well, just that, along with chocolate soil as its called. The chocolate soil was mixed with elements of the mousse with an extra semi-circle piece of chocolate mousse placed on top with a wafer of chocolate. As a lover of chocolate mousse, I’m very happy with how it is displayed and the taste of it. Sure chocolate mousse is easy to create butt the amount of times some cafes here in Perth have gotten it all wrong makes this one a real treat.

The Dessert Degustation is one of our favourites over at Koko Black. It includes Chocolate Alchemy Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Chocolate Hazelnut Cluster, Belgian Mousse and chocolate ice cream. This platter of delicious cakes is great for sharing between two as it is actually quite a large meal, not fit for just one. It basically gives you the opportunity to try a variety of cakes that are sold at Koko Black. So if you are going there for the first time, I recommend the Desert Degustation, as it’ll give you a little taste of everything.

The Baby Iced Chocolates, ordered for my mother and brother are little feasts in themselves. A large one would fill you up on your own (which we learnt the hard way), but they are very enjoyable, with a mixture of ice creams and chocolate flakes within the iced chocolate, it makes a perfect. Mops ion with the Dessert Degustation. As for me, I had that Belgian Hot Chocolate, which I’m still quite fond of. Though I wasn’t able to finish it, they did allow for a take away cup and if only it was a little less chocolate-y when made to dine-in it would be a perfect companion.

Overall I just felt the need to share our experience at Koko Black as I don’t think Hill’s gets enough credit for his work in creating this wonderful place. It is one of my favourite places to eat chocolate, and I’m not just trying to over-sell or over-praise this place, I genuinely feel this way about this salon. Out of everyone where I have eaten chocolate (there’s a lot of places), this is most certainly the one place I keep being drawn back to. It isn’t filled with bland cheese cakes or the usually chocolate cakes, this place is a beautiful change in Perth’s cafe/salon foods and I can only ask that you try it to.