Tiffany & Couture

Delphic Oracle

1.”the oracle of Apollo at Delphi, noted for giving ambiguous answers.”
2.”the oracle of Apollo at Delphi that gave answers held by the ancient Greeks 
to be of great authority but also noted for their ambiguity related word Pythian”

at Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

33 poets by Tiffany Kennedy

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Opening the Perth Fashion Festival

Another year of fashion kicks off in Perth (as well as all around the world as it’s NYFW and what not, but let’s focus on Perth for now, because this might have been one of the best years for runway here, yet)

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The Mantra

Then we thought f*ck that”

When you’re half way through the year, and still have no idea what’s going on, you binge watch TV shows and turn to the internet for solace. So insert that fashion blogger with their perfect lives, their perfect outfits, and damn that perfect outfit. Yeah,

Yeah, Nah, not happening.

Bring me an outfit in all black and a f*ck it type of attitude.

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Velvety Vastness


V is for, ah, Very darn cool?

(Add a diddly and I’ll sound like Ned Flanders)

A while back I got an opportunity to do a bit of a shoot using sustainable products. Sadly things happen, problems occur and then photos seem to become unusable when a collection has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to take on an opportunity to talk about something that’s important. Velvety is a brand that sells sustainable accessories, shirts, toothbrushes, makeup and more.

And I’m completely obsessed.

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People v Camera v People

I feel like almost every post I make is a recap of the time I’ve spent away from my own site. I always feel as though I’m a little bit behind and that I’m continually trying to catch up. It’s an interesting concept.

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Oz Comic-Con | 2017

ozccDSC_0093With Oz Comic-Con almost directly after Madfest, it looks like Perth is spoiling us with conventions, which has been a great start to the year. So, I dressed in my cosplay for the event – I decided on Mavis Vermilion for yet another convention – and headed towards the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. Read the rest of this entry »

Madfest | 2017

In which Madman spoils everyone in Perth with their own Anime Festival.

Featuring, Angie (cosplayer), The Yuri On Ice crew, and the epicness of Madfest.

madmanfest - angie 1logo

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The first post of the new year.

Fashion vs Fandom. Dilemmas.

A place to call home.


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Dion Lee


Seeing the Australian born designer’s work right in front of my own eyes, is a strange right of passage when it comes to online bloggers/curators. So it’s kind of insane that I could to photograph these classic pieces that I was able to see right in front of my very eyes.

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